33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello manm.m doing sitting job..continue bethne se vagina m bht pain hoti h. Kya kru?

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Answer: hi a normal hai aapko Jyada time ek hi position par nahi batana chahiye agar aap ki behan ki job hai tu mate 20 karungi ki aap Har ghante Bhar Mein Ek Baar uth kar thoda sa work Le Lijiye is se aapko release Hoga sone ke time pe aapko between the legs pillow Rakhna chahiye jisse bhi aapko relief mil sakta hai
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Question: Meri delivery ko 10days hue h nd vagina m cotton lgane m itching hoti h bht.. kya kru
Answer: Wash ur area with hot water mix some salt in water and apply soframycin after wash
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Question: mujhe legs pain hoti h bht...kya kru
Answer: Legs pain/ cramps is quite normal in pregnancy. Stretching: It is important to stretch your muscles before your exercise and use them for long periods of time. However, stretching is also useful to help alleviate the cramp. Massage: This is often the most used method to alleviate a cramp and reduce the pain associated with it. Massaging the cramping muscle and sometimes massaging neighboring muscles helps take away the cramp. Add Heat: Heat can be applied to your cramping muscle using a heating pad, a microwaved heated cloth bag of rice, or some of the over-the-counter air-activated heating pads. Epsom Salt: A warm bath can often alleviate the cramp and pain, but an Epsom salt bath is usually a little more effective. This helps you relax overall and it helps relieve the tension in your muscles. Ice the Pain: You can wrap ice from the refrigerator or use an ice pack and apply to your cramping muscle. This cold often helps take away the pain associated with the cramping muscle. Combination: Stretching and then massaging the muscle with either a heating pad or ice pack often work together to collectively stop the cramping and alleviate the pain.
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Question: Hello back m bht pain hoti h ? What to do
Answer: Hello! you can follow these tips Exercise-Regular exercise strengthens muscles and boosts flexibility. That can ease the stress on your spine. Safe exercises for most pregnant women include walking, swimming , and stationary cycling. Your doctor or physical therapist can recommend exercises to strengthen your back andabdomen. Heat and Cold . Applying heat and cold to your back may help. If your health care provider agrees, start by putting cold compresses (such as a bag of ice or frozen vegetables wrapped in a towel) on the painful area for up to 20 minutes several times a day. After two or three days, switch to heat -- put a heating pad or hot water bottle on the painful area. Be careful not to apply heat to your abdomen during pregnancy. Improve your posture. Slouching strains your spine. So using proper posture when working, sitting, or sleeping is a good move. For example, sleeping on your side with a pillow between theknees will take stress off your back. When sitting at a desk, place a rolled-up towel behind your back for support; rest your feet on a stack of books or stool and sit up straight, with your shoulders back.
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Question: Breast m bht itching hoti h especially nipples m....halka pain bh hota h nipples m kya kru
Answer: Hello dear One of the reasons you may experience tender, sensitive nipples during pregnancy is the increased estrogen and progesterone now moving through your body. Your breasts are also growing and changing as they prepare to feed your baby.All these changes may also be causing your sore breasts and tender nipples. Following tips can ease u from pain: 1. Wear a more supportive bra 2. Opt for loose fitting clothes 3. Try a cold compress 4. Take warm showers 5. Ask doctor for proper medication
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