12 months old baby

Question: Hello mam.my son is 1 yr old now.he eats food 2-3 times a day.but his weight is not increasing constantly..he is currently 8 kgs only while his born weight was 3.6 kg.plz be helpful..m constantly trying hard to gain his weight.

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Answer: Dear At one year the increase in weight reduces . Don't worry. Try to give more protein diets. That will help. Take care
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Question: Hello my son is 2.6 years old. Till 1 year his weight was fine nd increasing but now he is underweight ..only 10 kgs..please advice....
Answer: After 2 and half years every baby will become more active, and also comes to food they need different varieties in taste.. so better you have to increase the intake of varieties of vegetables ..not regular food.. different in taste.. and also concentrate on protein intake.. you can give dal with ghee, chicken soups, soya milk, ragi Kali, urad dal vada, pumpkins, nuts,these food items helps to increase your baby's weight. And daily give one boiled egg.
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Question: My son was born on 29 july and his weight was 3.3 kgs at the time of birth....now his weight is 4.7kgs ....is his growth pattern normal?
Answer: Baby gains weight 80 to 100 grams per day in starting days when they are born. So you can expect your baby's weight gain of around 1 kg to one and a half kg in a month. According to me the current weight you have mentioned of your baby is normal.
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Question: My baby is 1 yr old ...his weight is 8.14 k.g...during born his weight was 2.7 k.g....is it ok now..how to gain his weight
Answer: Hi,don't worry it is slightly less but it's k.because the babies are active and so they may not out on the weight properly. You should feed your baby every two hours . Give more.of proteins to your baby like dals and soya and eggs Also give more if milk products like cheese ghee and butter this will help the baby Give him potatoes corn rice etc food that has carbs this will also help the baby to put on weight .
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