36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello mam... my 9th month has started and my due date is 2nd april. From last 2 days i am having menstrual cramps.. doctor checked internally but said its not labour pain baby has not still dropped down as baby has cord in neck... pls suggest me how baby can leave the cord from neck

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Question: Hello everyone ....I have completed my 9 th month but doctor said still my baby has not dropped and there is only one firnger vaginal dialation ....so doctor gave me 5 june as due date and she said if till 5 june u will not have labour then we have to take further decisions ...so plz guide me to induce natural labour .....I have started walking daily ....but still I dont have any cramps or pain.....so plz help me
Answer: Well in ur case if it's ur first delivery i would suggest not to induce labour as the baby is not dropped...in first labour mostly the baby should b fixed in pelvic area by 36th week..otherwise very less chance for fixation...so inducing labour wont progress anything as the vaby's head not fixed...so there is no point in going through the contractions also and ending up in an emergency c section..rather ask ur doc whether she suggests a c section....if its ur second baby or so then u can go ahead and induce...as last min also babys head will get fixed provided u had a normal delivery for the first time..otherwise i suggest u go ahead and tlk to ur care provider and ask her to reply frankly abt this .unnecessarily u wil hav to go through both pain....
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Question: Hi, 39 week has started but baby has not dropped down yet. Do I still have chances of vaginal delivery? In my previous scan the baby position is fine. it has just not dropped down
Answer: Even for me also baby head was not engggaed in 38 week...mine was an induced delivery in 38 weeks 2 days...doctors did induction and it went well....if ur body will respond to induction chances are there for normal delivery..
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Question: hi frds my edd is 2nd march still im not getting pains and my baby not dropped. my checked and said still cervix is not opened. .what to do please suggest remedies for baby dropping and cervix opening. .
Answer: U can try stimulating your nipple,exercising like walking squats,try having warm ginger water,pineapple.These could help.,confirm it with your gynaecologist
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