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Question: Hello mam mera 20.3 mm ka egg 11th day aya tha ultrasond prescribed me to take duphostun 10mg with met innovfol medicine to take in my ovulation is my 16 th day.....can i concieve mam? In this time prroid in between....coz pehle vale ultrasound main cyst ayi thi right ovary main but ab report normal ayi h hai.

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Answer: Congrats I think uh can conceive bcz duphaston is grt tablet for conceivng and to avoid miscarriages uh should early do ultrasound ..
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Question: Hello is my 19th day of my cycle..i had an ultrasound on 11th day that results 20.3mm dominant in my left ovary .i m taking met innovfol tab and dusphgston tab regularly from 11 day......but today in the morning i had seen 10 to 15 (leaves) like particles in the pot (washroom)...i ws worried that time....what does it mean mam? Conceiving chances are there or not?????
Answer: hi dear! the follicle size is good which means that is a chance of pregnancy and the chance that it will rupture soon you will have to have an intercourse from tomorrow. met innovfol will help to control your sugars as well as help in ovulation and duphaston si progesterone which will help to maintain the pregnancy and stablsie the egg during the implantation process. i m sorry to say but leaves like particles are not understood clearly . you might need more elaboration.and dont worry unless there is no bleeding or spotting there wont be any problem dear. take care dear. i hope this information is helpful to you!
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Question: My endometrial thickness is 10.8 mm on 14th day right ovary 7× 5 left ovary 33.5 × 22.5 with heamorrgrahic cyst .. when my egg get ruptured mam. I have body pain and heat producing in body these are the systems of egg ruptured mam
Answer: Well endometrium thickness is fine..but it is difficult to say if you are ovulating just by knowing the can have sex anyways to make sure you conceive just in case you are ovulating..yes increase in basal temperature is a sign too..for that a separate thermometer comes..
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Question: Hello mam.........4 to 5 days had gone but no intercourse in between us...the reason is my vagina was dry that time...on the other side today is my 23rd day and i m taking met innovfol and Dusphaston 10 mg medicines there any reason behind the medicine i ws taking or other reason is there?? I had an ultrasound on day 11th that results 20.3 mm dominant.....plss help me.....??????
Answer: Hi dear so the issue is that you could not intercourse on the correct time now if your vagina is dry and you are unable to intercourse it means that the fourth play some where is not correct please try and get more intimate get your four played done well so that it helps you both.. Hope this helps!
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