6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello mam m 6 weeks pregnant n smtimes i m having abdominl pain. N little bit spottng smtimes. i already having susten tab

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Answer: Hi dear, The first trimester spotting is not an issue.it happens due to sudden growth spurt.since there is increased blood flow in cervix,if you are doing sex,mild spotting could be triggered.sustain is ok to be taken,it is nothing but progesterone suppliment.
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Question: Smtimws i m having abdomial pain. N smtimes spottng little bit.
Answer: Hi dear, Too much pain in initial stages could be due to uterus expansion.i donot think there is anything to worry about.since the whole hormonal surge is new to your body,and it takes time to get used to it.your uterus keep expanding as your pregnancy progresses,also pushing the neighboring organs and pressing the adjacent nerves etc,meanwhile your pelvic bones starts relaxing more,loosening your joints too.this whole process gives such pain.and each body experiences in a different way.i never had such pains though,but many pregnant ladies suffer with such harmless pain.but if the pain is severe and you feel something is not right,please donot hesitate to check with your doctor Spotting in first trimester is quite normal for some ladies,but if the color is bright red and heavy,it could be risky.you must consult with doctor no matter how light or dark the discharge is.it may not be risky,but it's always better to check with your doctor.to sum up,any discharges with red or brown tinge could be risky and should not be ignored.early detection could help you from any complications.
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Question: I'm 6 week pregnant. Now i'm having back pain is it normal ??? I little bit 😟
Answer: Hello.. Back pain is normal in pregnancy,it happens due to harmone changes, and loosening of pelvic muscles to prepare for child birth,you can follow these steps it may help.. Maintain a good posture to sit and split your body weight equally to thigh it will help alot You can massage your back with pain relieving ointment,and take warm bath You can also make an ice pack by tying four or five ice cubes in a cloth or bag and massage in your back will helps in controlling the pain or you can dip soft cotton towel in lukewarm water and give compress will also give better releif Please don't sleep on back during pregnancy ,it is advisable to sleep in side preferably left side,which increases blood flow,and also keep pillow in between legs will also reduce the pain Use maternity pillow behind your back,to sit ,it will relieve the pain Do maternity yoga ,those possess will relieve you from back pain,and you can also try acupuncture,but with the guidance of acupuncturist,those points will help in reducing the pain
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Question: Hello m xperiencing abdominal pain n lower body pain m 6 weeks pregnt n having little bleeding . Is it ok
Answer: Dear abdominal pain or lower body pain os absolutely normal during pregnancy as ur uterus is expanding due to ur growing baby. Although if it is accompanied by bleeding then it is a cause of worry. I would say consult your doctor without any delay as bleeding is not a good sign durinf pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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