28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello mam iam 28week pregancy food not diegasan so pls what can doo iam not sleep well in night this probelm pls given any tips mam tku

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Answer: Hello dear.. It is a common symptom in pregnancy.. It will get worst wid time.. Ask ur doc to prescribe medics for it.. Hope it helps
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Question: Hello mam nw iam 6th month.everyday night sleep was nt so good uncomfortable iam sleeping plz suggest any thing.
Answer: Hii it is normal to get uncomfortable sleep.in pregnancy. U should take a nice bath before sleeping. Also have a glass of warm milk. Make sure to keep ur too. Temp. Comfortable and take ur dinner 2 hours before u sleep. Use pillow to give support to ur legs .The best resting position when pregnant is to lie on your side with your knees bent. This makes the heart's job easier because it stops the weight of the baby applying pressure to your large veins, which carry the blood back to the heart. It is also much better for your lower back to lie on your side. If you have pain in your lower back, experiment with extra pillows to see how you can make yourself more comfortable when lying down. For example, try one pillow under your abdomen, one between your legs, a firm one behind your back and an extra pillow under your head.
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Question: Himalaya bonnisan is really helpful or not?? My baby doesn't sleep in night..plzz reply..what to do so she can sleep well in night??
Answer: Hi dear bonison or any kind of other syrup are not good for babies health as this can affect baby's digestive system also bonnisan is given for digestion of baby not for sleep. if your baby is not sleeping then you can swaddle your baby as this makes baby comfortable and they sleep also make a sleeping pattern for babies as you can start with lullabe and switch off the lights, and on the dim light then change the previous dress or massage before changing the dress and then continue with you lullabe if you will do this pattern on regular basis your baby will get to know from the first step when you start to saying that it's time to sleep.
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Question: Iam really not able to sleep the whole night...any tips to get good sleep.... because I think 8-10 hrs of sleep is mandatory in pregnancy
Answer: have a healthy diet plenty of water meditation yoga keep urself busy n be happy....it leads to comfortable sleep
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