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Question: Hello mam i am planning for pregnancy What should precautions we take

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Answer: Hi dear, I am glad that you decided to specific precautions as such.just eating well balanced diet,keeping your self fit by doing mild exercises.take your folic acid supplements regularly too.keep yourself well hydrated.if you have not check d your TSH level in more than 3 months,then get it checked now.keepna track of your ovulation period to time your intercourse.
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Question: When we are planning for pregnancy what precautions should take
Answer: Take healthy/good diet. It's good to visit a good gynecologist before conceiving so you can be treated if there is any issue or Vitamin deficiency. Usually Gynecologist suggest to take Folic acid tablets for 90 days before trying to get pregnant, it prevents neural tube defects in baby. Both partners should be in the best health condition. Keep track of ovulation. Stay active, if possible do some light excercises like running, walking. These will help during pregnancy also.
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Question: What precautions we should take in 9 week pregnancy??
Answer: Hi dear, congratulations on your pregnancy. Now as you are pregnant so you should surely take more care of your diet. Try to have small meals so that your stomach don't be empty and baby can get all the nutrition to grow. You should take lots of rest and you are getting lots of changes in the body so more rest is needed. Should stay away with alcohol, smoke and caffeine Take all your vitamins in time Avoid all spicy food as you might get heartburn easily. Take care
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Question: If we are planning for pregnancy , what precautions we should take aftee intercourse ? I mean can we pee r wash after like
Answer: Lie down for 15 mins after. Clean the area after that.
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