31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello mam...am 31 weeks pregnancy...today i went for sugar test..my fasting result is 80 and after meal it's 135.is it normal??and kindly tell that at 31 weeks which month is going??

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Answer: hello dear, both of your glucose test is little higher than normal. so I will suggest you to eat less sugary things and add sugar in foods, try to quite fruits that are very sweet in teast like banana, eat less carbs and more protein, add lots of green vegetables in your diet, drink adequate amount of water and of course walk for at least 30 minutes a day. everything will be fine dear, hope this will help you.
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Question: hi my dr suggest me to take sugar test fasting and after meal....it's normal in fasting whether it will change after Meal..plz tell me.
Answer: yes it can change after having meal..all depends on what you are having in meal.. like.. if u r having roti dal sabji salad.. the sugar I blood will rise less . but if you will take rice instead of roti aur if u take a sweet with it.. then u will see a difference in sugar readings.. if u r not a diabetic then everything depends upon what type of food choices u make.. whether the food items are sugary and starchy and made with maida or the meal is full of green vegetables and salad with roti
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Question: My fasting sugar is at 135 and 3 month average at 6.7 ,I'm 8 weeks pregnant please advice on my diet to reduce sugar 0
Answer: Please do not take sugar at any cost, even in tea, coffee and fresh juices. Please don't take any preserved food or canned juice. Avoid white rice and take brown rice. Include greens and vegetables in your diet. Also, please consult ur doc and take glycomet tablet.
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Question: My sugar test Is done in 6th month and it's result is : fasting 80, after drinking glucose 150 and after 1 hour is 120. Can anyone tell me is it OK???
Answer: That is normal do not worry. Also confirm about one thing. 150 is after one hour and 120 is after 2 hr Or 150 is your post prandial.
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