28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello mam!!! My stretch marking are visible can it be completely invisible after the birth????

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Answer: Hello dear No, any cream or oil dont guarantee that ur stretch marks will be completely disappear after ur delivery. But u can make an effort to lighten them. Massaging the affected areas with oils make your skin smooth and help reduce the stretch marks. It will not permanently remove the stretch marks but it can lighten the stretch marks.
Answer: Hi dear u should apply olive oil to cure the marks otherwise it will not get remove and will stay ever.
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    Irin Parvin830 days ago

    Any other option to cure it???

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Question: 26wk pregnant, stretch marks on tummy & breasts, suggest some remedy . Will they be invisible after delivery??
Answer: Hi,they this remedy Apply lemon juice Cocunut oil Apple cider vinegar Egg white mask Aloe Vera gel This will help.to lighter the stretcharks.
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Question: What are the vaccines to be given after birth?
Answer: Vaccination chart For baby from birth till 12 years, hope this will help to give you clear idea. Birth- BCG,OPV 0 and Hep-B 1 6 weeks-DTwP 1,IPV 1,Hep-B 2,Hib 1, Rotavirus 1 and PCV 1 10 weeks- DTwP 2, IPV 2,Hib 2, *Rotavirus 2 and PCV 2 14 weeks- DTwP 3, IPV 3, Hib 3, *Rotavirus 3 and PCV 3 6 months- OPV 1 and Hep-B 3 9 months- OPV 2 and MMR 1 9-12 months- Typhoid Conjugate vaccine 12 months- Hep-A 1 15 months- MMR 2 and Varicella 1 16-18 months- PCV Booster, DTwP B1, DTaP B1, IPV B1 and Hib B1 18 months- Hep-A 2 2 years- Typhoid Booster 4 -6 years - DTwP B2/, DTaP B2, OPV 3, Varicella 2 and Typhoid Booster 10- 12 years- Tdap/Td and HPV
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Question: Can stretch marks be removed completely?
Answer: Ok not completely but u fan try bio oil and pregnancy stretch marks it's good it I'll clear the darkest marks from stomach
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