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Question: Hello mam. Im planning for pregnancy. But I didn't get the period in the month of February. When I have to check with the pregnancy kit. I got period in the month of December & January. Please suggest me. When I should have to check with kit or still how many days I should have to wait?

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Answer: you have missed your period by December or January it is already time check your pregnancy . you can check your pregnancy after two or three days of your missed period to get accurate result . you are away from your missed period , you can check now . you can confirm your pregnancy . if you get 2 dark lines . you can go to your doctor to get your babys heartbeat scan done. because if your lmp is by December by now your child would have grown and it is very important to confirm the position of the implantation and heartbeat to proceed with your pregnancy
Answer: Hllo dear u r planing for pregnancy dear as u have not mention it lmp in Jan. So dear if ur period r missed in February .dear after 8 to 10 days of missing period u can do pregnancy test .try it if u don't get conform consult to ur gyno nd go 4 HCG blood test .try it dear .best of luck dear
Answer: Hello! You can check for pregnancy using the kit after 7 days of missing the periods. This will give you a more accurate results. Take care
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Question: Hello doc, my period date is 11 n still I didn't get my period of march so after how many days I can check with pregnancy test??
Answer: Hello.. Dear if your peeiods are regular can check one or two days of your missed period, if your periods are irregular can check after one week, also check with morning first urine will be helpful
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Question: My period date is on 11 but still I didn't get period 2day I check the pregnancy test by I got negative ....wt should I do nxt
Answer: Wait for 10 more days if still test is negative do check hcg if hcg also shows not pregnant go to doc to know the reason for not coming of period
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Question: My last period is 20 feb so till now i didn't get period so tomorrow is the right time to check the pregnancy at home with pregnancy kit
Answer: Hi surely u can check tomorrow with ur morning urine to make sure if u r pregnant or not. If get two red lines then u r pregnant.
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