33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello mam I'm 31 weeks pregnant and i have a pain in right side of the pain how can i avoid this pain bcoz its very severe that i cant slp overnight

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Question: Hello, I'm 15 weeks pregnant and I m having severe pain near right side ribcage..what could be the reason
Answer: Maybe a symptom of gall stones. Coz even I had it. So, Please check with ur doctor. Hope everything will be fine.. All the best
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Question: I hv severe ligament pain in right side hip...i cant move without someone's help..i m very dipressed bcoz of this and my 6th months jst started....
Answer: I had same severe pain in right side near hip and thigh area . Even I was unable to move by myself, during my 5th month. I started stretching, that alleviated my pain it will be difficult in starting but in 15 to 20 days pain will barely effect u.start doing cat and cow position, child pose , and some other stretching exercises in which u feel comfortable .
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Question: Hi mam I'm 31 weeks pregnant for the last 3 days I'm having severe pain in my right side of my stomach... Illuthu pidichukuthu... How to get relief from this.. Y this is happening
Answer: Take jeeraka thani....to relief the pain in few minutes.....four weeks only to have a new baby
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