2 months old baby

Question: Hello mam..I have dlvrd on august 30..after delvry onwards bleeding continuosly upto how many days it will continue ..how to stop bleeding?

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Answer: Bleeding can last max upto 50 days if your bleeding has not stopped yet then your need to consult a gynac it's not an healthy symptom...Take care
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Question: After c section how many days bleeding will continue?
Answer: Your blood flow is always heavier immediately after c section nd will continue for abt first 4-5 days but it should get progressively get lighter after abt 10 to 12 days however it would als lasts for abt 6 wks,. Typically the range of bleeding is abt 3-4 wks. Your main concern will be if you experience large clots or uncontrollable, heavy bleeding after 1st wk or so.
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Question: Hi how many days bleeding will continue after normal delivery
Answer: It depends on person to person.. Gradually it decreases day by day with change in color upto 1 month sometimes..
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Question: How many days will take to stop bleeding after delivery
Answer: Up to 6 weeks but bleeding should be light after 2-4 weeks from delivery.
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