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Question: Hello mam.. I had periods on 18th Feb.. And from 24th Feb to 1st march daily we had intercourse.. What are chances for there of pregnancy pls reply me

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Answer: Chances of pregnancy is decided by ovulation. Ovulation mainly happens from 10 to 14 day from the first day of period. But it changes in some cases. It's better if you purchase an ovulation kit and plan accordingly.
Answer: Hi 90% chances are there for getting pregnant . According to body condition and all also ot differs . If you are healthy to get conceive r not. Also depends wosh u good luck .
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Question: My periods ended on 17th of may and me and my husband had an intercourse for baby planning from 18th till date and I'm feeling very lazy and I had vomit in morning... Are these pregnancy symptoms?
Answer: Hello ! These are also pregnancy symptoms but also could be due to acidity . It is right now too early to say if you are pregnant or not For confirmation ,get a pregnancy test done 7 days after missing your pregnancy .
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Question: Lmp march 26, had intercourse on april 8, getting abdomen pain and back pain from the following day morning. Are there any chances of conceiving?
Answer: Hi If you will not get the perid of this month then you will check for pregnancy know the accurate results you should do the test after 10 to ,15 days of your missing period by using home preganacy test...if you will get positive results then you go for medical checkup by your doctor for confirmation...whenever you will do the test use the morning urine for the test.....Actually the preganancy symptoms are as follows,breast tenderness,mild cramps,very light spotting,sensitivity to smell,slight morning nausea,vomiting sensation
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Question: Hello. After unprotective intercourse.. periods are 10 days delayed .. is there chances of pregnancy ?
Answer: Yes it seems so. Buy 1 pregnancy test kit. And check it At home once. If it comes out to be positive. Get it tested once again in the lab through urine test.all the best
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