33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello mam, @ 31weeks 4days my scanning showed that presentation is breech will this changes during last few weeks of pregnancy can u please answer me

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Question: Hello mam in my anomaly scan breech presentation of gestation age 23.2 what is the meaning of that..
Answer: HI Babies that have their feet or buttocks pointed down instead of their head are considered to be in a breech position. for normal delivery baby should be in head down position, but don't worry it is too early to think about the baby's position right now as baby is very small and it's too early to think about the position as it keeps changing position till 33 to 34 weeks. take care
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Question: What are exercise that csn be done during pregnancy?? can u show me few of them
Answer: Dear you can see the home page of this app fpr the videos of the exercises during pregnancy. I did walk and yoga only during my pregnancy abd it helped me in staying fit abd healthy. Hope this helps.
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Question: Hello mam..My presentation is breech for cephalic can u pls suggest me something?
Answer: Hi,for cephalic it depends on the baby moveu if the baby will move and change be ors position .than it is possum
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