6 months old baby

Question: Hello madam my baby is not taking feeding y?

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Answer: Check whether baby having cold
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Question: Hello, madam my baby is not taking milk properly. While feeding she put fingers in her mouth. (4th month, breast feeding)
Answer: hi dear don't worry most of the newborn babies have the habit of for keeping fingers inside the mouth but it should be avoided at the beginning stage itself whenever babies keep fingers on mouth you must take it out if not the baby gets a habit of sucking fingers and this will become very hectic and they grow it will become very difficult to make them forget and also the babies will not get hunger and they will not take proper feeding whenever your baby kids hand on mouth take it out the baby will cry don't worry it will happen only for two or three days and then the baby will become normal you can also cover the babies hand with big cloth so the baby cannot keep fingers inside
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Question: My son is not taking bottle y
Answer: Hello Dear the best thing to do is continue with your regular feeding routine, including offering yourbaby a bottle at the normal times. She may resist, but don't become frustrated (she'll sense yourtension) or give in by nursing her. Sometimes breastfed babies refuse to take a bottle from Mombecause they know she has something better. If this seems to be the case, ask your husbandor a grandparent to take over bottle feedings until the phase passes (you may have to leave theroom, or even the house, for a while during these times). Have your husband or relative offerher the bottle by first letting a few drops of milk fall onto her lips and into her mouth so sherecognizes the breast milk. Then stroke her lips with the nipple until she opens her mouth wide, as if to nurse. If she clamps her mouth shut, don't try to force the nipple in between her pursedlips -- this is a battle you are guaranteed to lose.after trying everything, your baby still staunchlyrefuses to take a bottle from anyone, then don't try to force her. Take the bottle away and offer itagain every half-hour until she eats. Babies can be stubborn and she may hold out for an hour ormore, but once she gets hungry, she'll take her bottle. If this is hard to do, remind yourself that ahealthy baby will not starve herself
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Question: Y my baby is not burp after feeding
Answer: Hi dear, see its not a problem at all.some babies don't burp like my nephew he never burped no matter how long you carry him on shoulder n I have seen many such babies too. So, dont worry But don't forget to burp ur baby after every feed. According to lactation consultant 20 min burp n 20 min feed is needed.
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