36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello ma im 37 week pregnant my in breach place so what can i do

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Answer: There are methods mentioned in internet for making baby change from breach position..please go through that..
Answer: Keep talking to baby to come in normal position. Sometimes miracle happens
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Question: I m 37 weeks pregnant and my baby is in breach position. What can I do
Answer: Hi dear Baby in breach postion mean baby is situated vertically.. In the last stage there is leas chance to change the baby portion So ceaser can happen.. No worry many people now a doing ceaser
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Question: Hello doctor.....im 37 yrs old i want pregnant but my egg quality not good....what can i do
Answer: Hi dear, sorry for your struggle. In case like this if u already started the treatment then it's good and if treatment is also not working then it's best to try Ivf. Hopefully it will work. Don't loose hope dear.
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Question: Hi I'm 37 week pregnant I have legs swelling...wt can i do....??? Im so scraed...
Answer: Swelling is common during pregnancy....to relieve keep ur legs in warm water....
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