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Question: Hello, last month i missed my period for 15 days. After 1 week of missed period i took a home pregnancy test velocit. That shows a faint line. After that i went for a blood test to make sure. But the blood test was negative. Then i got my period. Whats that means? Why home pregnancy test kit shows fain line if im not pregnant?

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Answer: Hi dear, some times HCG hormone levels increases in our body for different reasons. It may be hormonal imbalance, or presence of any cyst etc. In that case faint line can apprear n shows symptoms of psudopregnancy Or there may be some manufactural issue in that particular kit.
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Question: I missed periods. So i did a home pregnancy test. In that one dark line and one faint line came. Is it indicates positive pregnancy or negative pregnancy?
Answer: Yes its mean you are pregnant . If your HCG is low than it comes like that . Not to worry . Still for confirmation you can do one more test . Best of luck
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Question: I m not sure ..bcz in my pregnancy test kit there is a faint line
Answer: It usually happens. One dark and one faint line. Even though you should check after few days.
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Question: If kit test negative after 10days of missed period.... Then is it sure I m not pregnant
Answer: Please repeat this after five days,,,if that also shows negative,,,you have to confirm that
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