10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello ladies...... Today is very bad day for me..... I came to know that after 6 wk my baby doesn't grow..... Feeling like hell..... M leaving this group..... U all are fabulous ladies.... God bless you all...

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Answer: Dear love, very sorry for your loss. Dont lose heart, there are millions of women who cannot conceive, but you can. Find out what went wrong and next time you will be the mom of the luckiest child on this earth.
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    Chetna Abhishek Saini833 days ago

    Tnku for ur support n love dea

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Question: Today is the 3rd day after my delivery. My baby is not able to latch. Due to this, my breasts are heavily engorged. And paining like hell. Any remedy to alleviate the problem and the pain.
Answer: Hi dear,.as your baby is only few days old.. your baby will face problem in holding nipple.. i have also faced the same issue , we face difficulty to feed and baby takes time to learn . after few days baby will start taking milk properly and milk supply will also increase. Later on if you still think that issue is not resolving take breast pump. Few tips to feed:- # hold your baby in your lap to feed , you can also use pillow to keep in your lap # take elders and nurse help # help your baby to told your niple, correct sitting position matters while feeding. Once your baby will start feeding ,your breast pain issue will resolve, till then you can squeeze out the extra milk out to get relief from pain. Hope this will help you.
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Question: Iam very tired feeling like sleepy Always and iam getting vommiting sensation so that Iam feeling tired all the day any suggestions is it happens in this trimester
Answer: Nausea and morning sickness is very common in pregnancy . This is the starting stage of pregnancy and for sure this tiredness will continue through out your pregnancy be strong enough and learnt to be stronger for the rest of your pregnan y.
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Question: I am feeling very low from last 2 days. Tired all day, feeling sleepy and do not like to leave my bad specialy after waking up from bed.
Answer: Congratulations dear..,it is common during 1st trimester of pregnancy,do not worry,have healthy and nutritious food.., take plenty of bed rest n sleep, soon after 3-4weeks u will get ur energy back
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