23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello.is rebonding or smoothening safe during 6th mont

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Answer: Hi.. No, dear you need to avoid it, as it involves lot of chemicals in it.. Which is Neither good for you nor your baby..
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    Mainsha Rana836 days ago

    Ok....thankew.. But i askd my gynae ,she said there is nothing harm in it untill or unless someting is entering into ur body...so i m confused.....but my saloon hairstylist didnt recommnd it

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Question: is hair rebonding safe during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi not at all. As there is lot of chemicals being used in rebounding which is harmful and lead to problems for baby and you. You should avoid applying anything to your body or hair which has chemicals .As it is your skin becomes delicate during pregnancy and this will add to your problem. So please wait. And don't do any such chemical process
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Question: Is it safe to get rebonding or smoothening done during 6th month of pregnancy?.please help me out
Answer: Don't go for it ...bcoz they use chemicals during this process....so it's better to avoid such things....3 more months...after delivering a healthy baby u can go for anything u wish.. .so be happy and enjoy this phase....
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Question: Is hair coloring and rebonding is safe during 20 week pregnency??
Answer: Hie Temporary colours are safe during pregnancy however you should avoid the permanent ones or chemical treatment of your hairs As your skin is extra sensitive during pregnancy
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