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Question: Hello, is it important to do Various tests(blood test, thyroid test and other) before conceiving...

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Answer: hi dear! so before getting pregnant we have to be sure you have no problem in the body so that treatment can be given to you and there wont be a problem with the baby. if you have thyroid problems then it will for sure affect the ovulation only(release of egg) and therefore if you are trying for long it can be due to the thyroid problem. you might require vitamin d3 and b12 test as well. also a rubella igg just to see if you were vaccinated for it. so do the test as they are very important to plan for any treatment. take care dear.
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Question: Other than blood test what are the other tests required to be done by a mother beofre conceiving?
Answer: Hi.. Dear doctors recommend that all women test for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection before or during pregnancy... If you are diabetic or have thyroid then these tests are also included..
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Question: Hello i am 7 week pregnant... Doctor suggest some blood tests to me.. Like thyroid hb etc. Are these important?
Answer: hi dear , yes they are very important at this time... cause thyroid,hb level can control your pregnancy... so follow your doctor..
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Question: my doc prescribe me to take blood and urine test and other tests also why is it important in pregnancy what the test means
Answer: It is just to check if u have any deficiency like iron deficiency,or any other disorder like thallasemia,to detect diabetes, u must do all of make sure your health is fine and so is the baby's health
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