33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello .i m too curious abt the gender of my baby.i feel more movement in the right side of my abdomen.everyone says i m too active n dont see like pregnant women.can anyone determine the sex of baby by it.

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Answer: hi dear how will the gender of the baby cannot be decided by the movements of the baby therefore please do not worry about all these things be careful and have a good night stay healthy and stay fit pictures elephant a proper growth and development of the baby and just do not worry about the gender of the baby
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Question: I feel baby movement in left side of my tummy .....cn i knw the baby gender by the movement of baby .....which side of girl or boy?
Answer: hii dear congratulations for ur pregnancy .dis is a sheer myth that baby movement can helps u detecting what gender u have . So plz don't trust dis and njoy the pregnancy. Wist for the beautiful surprise.after delivery All the best.
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Question: I dont feel any movement of baby.i m 16 weeks pregnant
Answer: Hey don't worry baby will be kicking but some times we got confused it with gas or something. Drink or eat something you will fell some bubbles like felling in stomach..
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Question: i feel more movement on my right side
Answer: As long as u can feel d baby movements...b it right or left,its fine
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