36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello i m 35 week pregnant yesterday i went for ultrasound my afi came 20.0 cm doctor said liquor has increased will it cause any harm to my baby secondly i have my phd viva so have to teavel delhi to lucknow will it be safe .although said in such cases we are not sure about when water bag will burst so what should i do

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Answer: Helli dear. You can travel in 9th month as anytime your delivery can happen due to increased fluid levels. So please avoid travelling. It is viva can be done later by submitting a medical. Certificate as you are not in a condition to travel. There won't be any harm to baby due to increased fluid levels but yes the movement will be very less. Hope it helps.
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Question: Plz rply me fast my full body is itching so i went to doctor my doctor said me for LFT test and my report is abnormal it will harm my baby
Answer: Hi dear, It is due to cholestasis.it is normal in pregnancy but needs treatment. When the flow of bile gets blocked or reduced from liver,you get this itching all over body.it is caused due to: 1- some infection or disease 2-hormonal fluctuations 3-some drug use 4-genetic abnormalities Pregnancy increases the risk of getting cholestasis.Pregnancy hormones may also cause this condition. That’s because they can affect your gallbladder function, allowing bile to build up and flow over into your blood stream.most of the cases in pregnancy are non threatening but it could have serious health impacts like: 1- pre term delivery 2- fetal distress 3- still birth Though it resolves post delivery,but in future you might be at risk of developing diabetes and liver issues.
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Question: I gained 6kgs in last 2months.. I am already obese.. My doctor said almost double weight increased.. It should have increased around 3kgs.. She said nothing to worry.. But stop sugar completely and less oil and do some walking... Is there anything to worry? In festive season I think I ate alot.. Not sure why gained so much
Answer: Weight gain in pregnancy is a good thing, but, extra weight, especially you being overweight or obese is dangerous for foetus or your growing baby in the long run.you don't have to start worrying. But, better follow the doctors suggestions of limiting the sugars n oil.
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Question: Hi I have completed 13weeks today, I have septate uterus will this cause any harm to my child during delivery??
Answer: You should take complete precautions and be in touch with ur dctr regularly....
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