17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello, i'm 17th week pregnant yesterday i had tt injection it's painful my hand so apply this ointment(heparin sodium &benzyl nicotinate) it is safe or not?

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Answer: ointments are always safe as they are not intra dermal..they just cause relief for the pain.. Also use this ointment only if your doctor has advised you otherwise do not use anything without the consultation of your gynac
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    Anonymous602 days ago

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Question: Is TT injection compulsory during pregnancy.. Now I am in 17th week and I haven't given any TT injection.. If it's compulsory, when they will give me
Answer: Hello, Dear the tetanus injection is very important and compulsory during pregnancy. it gives immunity to you and your baby both from the virus and infection. so there are two injections of tetanus which is given in second and third trimester. so right now you are in 16th week so hopefully in 21st or 22nd week doctor will tell you to get your first vaccination done and second vaccination will be done in your third trimester....
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Question: Hello. ..m 17th week pregnant. I'm pregnant with twins n my cervical length is 3.2cm.Is it ok or not?
Answer: Hello The cervical length is 4 to 5 cms it gets shorter as ur pregnancy progresses. The average cervical 3.5cm. When the cervical length decreases below 2.2cm women face about 20 percent chances of having preterm labour. The lower the cervical length goes higher are the chances of having preterm labour.
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Question: I took TT injection to my left shoulder yday it's paining heavily I couldn't shake or lift my hand. how to get rid of it?
Answer: Use hot cloth on tht area...also massage with hot oil .
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