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Question: Hello, i have a problem of PCOD. What is the remedy of PCOD, and when i have to conceive a baby??

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Answer: PCOD is the most common problem that everyone are facing these days.. Avoid junk foods, oily foods and fries.. Start eating healthy.. include more fiber foods.. consult your doc for proper treatment.. You can concieve even if you have PCOS but the complications will b more. so first cure PCOS and plan for healthy pregnancy.. All the best
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    mary jeni884 days ago

    For pcod u can go with ashoka arishtam which is available in naatu marunthu shop drink every morning or night u can get ur result in 48 days

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Question: I am 26 years old .have a pcod problem and want to conceive please tell me
Answer: With PCOD pregnancy is not possible. PCOD causes hormonal imbalance that leads to infertility. Even if you will get pregnant with PCOD then also chances of miscarriage remain high. That's why it is better to take treatment for PCOD first and when your doctor allow you to take chances for pregnancy then only you should start planning. If you are overweight in try to lose at least 15 kgs very which will help you to improve your fertility. Hope it helps.
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Question: i have pcod and i am trying to conceive for a year. what should i do?
Answer: Oh dear,my bet wishes to you ,hope you conceive friend too waited for more than a year and is now Pregnant for 3 months.she had pcod issue and hormonal imbalance.keep your diet healthy,no junk food at any cost.include exercises to balance the hormone.check with doctor for any treatment you may require too.will pray for you dear🙂
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Question: Hi, i have a PCOD problem so what is the remedy to get pregnant
Answer: Hlo dr.. if u have pcods don't rush to get pregnant immediately.. for some pcod persons it will take a little time to get pregnant...first of all u have to be in calm and comfortable environment.. don't take too much stress.. go for regular fast walking daily and do medications.. it will helps u a lot to overcome pcods.. explain about this to ur husband,then only u will feel more comfortable.. u can consult a gynocologist too..even I was having pcods and I m pregnant after 1yr of my marriage.. so don't worry, be positive and stay healthy dr .. soon u will got a good news..
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