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Question: Hello, i am new to this group. This is my first question to the experts. How to calculate my fertile period? I am planing to conceive. TIA

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Answer: Ovulation day is your most fertile period .if you are on 28 day cycle ovulation day will be on 14th day.. this 14th day is calculated from the first day of your periods . you must be in contact on 13th 14th 15th or you can also try to be in contact every alternative days from 10 to 16 . you can start your Folic acid supplements when you are planning for pregnancy . this will help you to develop good quality eggs . if your period is irregular it is difficult to track your ovulation day as t differs every month. you may first need to regulate your periods and then try for pregnancy . after your fertile days avoid eating fruits like pineapple and papaya avoid any food that causes to eat . so that you may increase the chances of your conception .
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    Piyali D586 days ago

    Thanks alot!!!

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Answer: Hi.. Dear welcome to the group, you need to know how many times the heart beats each minute. It’s faster when your child is active and slower when he is seated or asleep. Your doctor will check his heart rate during well-child visits. If you need to monitor your child’s heart rate because of a medical condition, your doctor will tell you how and how often to check it... Other than this, School-aged child (5-12 years)18-30 (normal rate breath per minute)... For diet feed your child with carbohydrate rich diet and give all seasonal fruits...
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Question: Hi this month i got period on 6th.i am planning to conceive. What is the most fertile period
Answer: Hi dear,  great that u r planning for baby some quick tips might help. The maximum number of chances to get pregnant is ovulation period is happen right after 10 days of ur Imp and lasts up to 5-6 days. Now a days there are many kinds of ovulation kit available in the market to know to better results u can try them and follow the steps written on it. Also u need to keep ur diet healthy and be stress free as stress is the main reason of infertility. So all the best take care! 
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