33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello , i am 33 week pregnant, within last 2 days i had my ultrasound and in that report it shows that umbilical cord wrapped around baby's neck, so i am worried about this , please suggest me with your answer ,

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Answer: Its normal but u have to be carefull.. babys movement help to remove cord actually i also have situation...but now its ok ...its happen due to baby moments
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    Rashmi Upmanyu608 days ago

    Please do not make relationship with hubby its personal advise given by my dctr

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Question: Is cord around baby neck dangerous? In my last usg I had reported that my umbilical cord is around the baby's neck. I'm so worried. Please tell me is it dangerous for baby?
Answer: hi dear one round of cord is not a problem so don't worry usually doctors prefer to go for normal delivery in this case, have plenty of water to remove this cord from baby's neck have at least 2 to 4 litre of water on daily basis.
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Question: My ultrasound scanning shows that umbilical cord is making a loop around baby's neck what to do
Answer: If one loop is there around neck, then also normal delivery is possible. But for 2 or more loops, it's difficult. So first confirm how many loops r there and consult ur doc.
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Question: Hi doc ...had my growth scan today ,one loop umbilical cord is around baby's neck...really worried about it.Please help me with some information on this.
Answer: Ask doctor if there is any exercise which can be done. Baby position can vary as u still have time. Don't stress your body if u haven't exercised before. Pray for the best
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