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Question: Hello gals, My daughter is 3 months(98 days) old. Can I give her formula milk with breastfeeding. Reason 1 my elder son has swimming competition every weekend and we have to be on pool from 8 am to 1pm also we have to work there. It's a bit complicated to feed her. 2 sometimes I feel she's not getting satisfied or stomach is still empty. Waiting for your valuable suggestions. Thank you

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Answer: No sis first exclusive breast milk is good for baby too if bm supply is not sufficient drink ( put garlic in.Milk boil it and drink .If ur non veg eat fish(,karapodi,there is kind of shark to increase milk
Answer: Yes u can use formula milk along with breastfeeding... But if u have breast milk let her have.. Bz mother's milk improves immune system for the baby....
Answer: Yes you can give formula milk if your breastmilk is not sufficient...
Answer: 1. Put feeding shawl.Use feeding kurti when ur outing place
Answer: U can express milk and can keep in refrigerator up to 6hrs
Answer: 2. Try to give 20- 40 mins and burp it
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