1 months old baby

Question: Hello frnds till now really I don't know how to feed my baby. Can anybody guide me??

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Answer: Hold your baby properly in your lap,place your baby properly, let your baby open her mouth widely, let your baby mouth should be near to your nipple,be patience initially hope this works
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Question: I am 34 weeks pregnant now i don't know how will be the delivery pain can anybody tell me
Answer: Hi dear,the symptoms are-u may notice fluid or brown discharge,period like cramping may be or may not be accompanied with loose motion,Your stomach may feel too stretched and firm. If you experience contractions at regular intervals, you may be in labour.You may experience pressure on your pelvic region. This pressure may feel like your baby is pushing downwards in your belly.Hope for the best,Take care.
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Question: Kindly guide me. How can I know my mother feed is sufficient for my baby.
Answer: When ur baby have a proper sleep ...gaining proper weight ....achieving milestones as per age and breast get lighter after feed then it means baby is having proper feed
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Question: Hello frnds I don't want baby now but my period missed out how can abortion my pregnancy.
Answer: Hello dear, first you need to confirm your pregnancy.. and then after that you can go and discuss with your husband and gynecologist regarding abortion..
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