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Question: Hello frnds i was having pcod earlier..after 1 year now i reduced 14 kg.. yesterday i got blood test report...reoprts are like this LH- 2.64 FSH-9.72 Prolactin-0.62 AMH-1.67...pls reply is these values are normal?

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Question: My prolactin level is 33ng/ml. FSH 5.68mIU/ml,,LH 10.03mIU/ml,,,,AMH 6.60ng/ml. My weight was 71 at the time of theae i have reduced almost 8 kg and my BMI below 25...after that we consulted other doctor .she started to give HCG injection and utreva vaginal there any chances of being pregnant ?
Answer: Yes..there are chances you will concieve with proper medicines. however prolactin test should be repeated. levels should be ideally less than 25 prior to conception. Also your AMH 6.60 ..did you have polycystic ovaries? Treatment should be started accordingly. Good thing you reduced your body weight..that also help s in spontaneous ovulation and pregnancy
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Question: hi today third day of period.... went to doctor.. c asked to do blood test like FSH....LH....thyroid...prolactin......I have these tests are helpful....
Answer: Ur third day after a month u missed ur it correct...Dr. advice this test to check hiv thyroid and other necessary things to prevent the complications during pregnancy if the results are not normal they provide the medication to avoid risk of miscarriage or risk in pregnancy.. I also have done all these tests..hope I helped.. tc..
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