15 months old baby

Question: Hello friends ,am so worried of pink rashes on my baby's face,neck,eyelid.What could be the problem and what are the remedies?

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Answer: hi dear since BP is only 15 months old and the pink colour rashes all over the face of the baby first of all please check if there is any other body part which is affected by the rashes and wait for sometime please do not apply any lotion any soap or any cream on the rashes or any oil for the matter of fact please wait do not scrap squeeze or rub the area there is no need just wash the area with clean water and give some time to it if it is normal heat Rash then it would go away on its own but if it is food allergy or some insect bite or something for that the rashes have appeared it will take some time but after at least watching for 2 to 3 hours you can take a decision to take the baby to the doctor if it does not subside and worsens more.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Rashes on my baby's face what could be the reason,how to reduce them
Answer: Hello dear , as its showing here baby is newborn so dont worry it must be because of excessive heat so just breastfeed baby after every 1 hour and font do babys massage with oil for some time it will be fine..
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Question: My face and neck are getting darker day by day.. What could be the reason?
Answer: Hi , dont worry, it is normal.Brown patches of pigmentation on your forehead, cheeks, and neck are known as chloasma, melasma or mask of pregnancy. Chloasma is caused by your body making extra melanin, the tanning hormone, which protects your skin against ultraviolet (UV) light .It will go away after delivery.
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Question: my is 4 month old.There are spots on his face. So what could be the reason?
Answer: hi dear, small babies develop small spots on their faces and bodies. Some secretion stored under their bodies causes such spots. It is common in babies. generally it cleard by its own, don't worry.
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