6 months old baby

Question: Hello every one. Can any one give me diet chart for my 6m old baby

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Answer: Hi mommy. ...follow 3 meals and 2 snacks plan don't bind yourself in diet chart as it's hard to follow telling this as per my personal experience.. Small kids are not having fixed schedule and even you can't follow same timing. For example if bf at 10 then after 1.5 hours give snack then after 2 hours lunch then after 1.5 hours snack then after 2 hours serve dinner. Milk should be on demand and supply basis. You can serve Dalia , khichdi , juice, fruits, sooji kheer, boiled veggies , mashed fruits etc. Happy feeding 😊
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    Gouse Malik Baig377 days ago

    Am not asking time based schedules. What kind of food item i should feed her for example coconut water, orange juice

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Question: Any one can tell me veg diet chart for my 11 month old baby?
Answer: Hi.. Dear you need to experiment with your baby's favourite choices.. Make new dishes and see which your toddler likes.. You can make different porridges (vegetable khichdi, lentils and rice, only veggies), make various soups, make mashed potatoes dishes (tikki or cutlets), try giving brown bread pizza (using pizza sauce and cheese), make custard of seasonal fruits, suji or atta halwa, I am sure your baby will like some out of these..Also, try to include wheat bran, cashew nuts, and pumpkin seeds in your child 's meal.. It helps in building appetite.
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Question: Hello , My baby is 6 + , can any one give me a Diet chart ?
Answer: Hello dear, solid foods can be started once the baby is 6 months old... You can start by giving easily digestible food like rice ganji, oats, suji kheer, ragi ganji, fruits puree, vegetable soups...Fruits like Apple, Avocado, Banana, Pears, muskmelon, Peaches, Plums, Prune...and vegetables like Carrot, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato.. can be given...One meal a day would do for a 6 months old baby...Gradually you can shift to two lr three meals around 7 months depending on your baby's appetite..and remember when you begin, start with small portions..
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Question: Hello, my baby is 6th month old, can anyone plz give me diet chart for him
Answer: Hi desr for 6 months baby u should feed 3 meals a day but from starting , stay slow and start from 1 times and then increase to 2 to 3 times. Do give apple puree banana mashes rice daal sweet potato suji to ur baby. Do make sure to repeat same food for continuos 3 days to check if baby is not allergic to any of these food.
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