4 months old baby

Question: Hello dr.my son is 4 month old n My problem is one side My breast looks in side hard n very tight n also nipple pain. So pzl Suggest me..

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Answer: Hello, first of all empty the breast give the affected breast milk to the baby first and make sure baby is emptying the milk. Massage your breast applying gentle pressure to the plugged duct both before and during a feeding can help loosen the clog. Try a circular motion right on the lump itself. you can use a warm compress for the affected breast , make sure your bra is very loose not too tight so it may affect the clogged duct. if you notice the lump is getting bigger or if you get fever you can contact you gynaecologist immediately.
Answer: Hello dear If ur breast looks hard and also it is paining then there can be various reasons for it. 1. Baby is not able to latch ur breast properly 2. Tight breast as there are too much milk in it. Cover breasts with warm, wet towel for 10-15 minutes. The warmth increases blood circulation, reducing pain.
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Question: Hi i have breast pain i am feeding my one month baby my breast is very hard plz reply me
Answer: Massage your breasts with coconut oil in circular motion and a lukewarm water bath it will relax the pain.. If your breasts are very hard due to the storage of milk then feed your baby for every 2 hours for 20 mins then the breasts will not be very hard. If there is nipple pain due to breast feeding then apply some nipple cream by consulting your gynac
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Question: My baby sucks my nipple very hard, so much pain n burn during n after feeding in breast n nipple too. It's unbearable. Plz give some solution
Answer: Nipple pain is most cases is mainly due to improper way of sucking. Probably your baby is sticking only the nipple. I would recommend you to let your baby have the entire areola or the black area around the nipple in his mouth. This way you will not have nipple pain
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Question: Feel so much pain in my breast nipple ..looks reddish like wound
Answer: There is nipple butter cream from mama earth brand. My bhabhi is using it. You can try.
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