3 months old baby

Question: Hello dr...my baby is three months old and i had my first period after a month of delivery and second period after three days of due date..but in this month i hvnt periods till date meanwhile me and hubby has done intercourse but we used condoms for prevention..but i m worried as i missed my period from 3 days later...is ther any chance of pragnancy??

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Question: My period date was 17 January and now in this month I have missed it. I had intercourse after 14 days of my last period are there any chances of being pregnant
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,there are definitely chances of your pregnancy.sunce you missed your period,it's better you take up a test on 24 th feb.one week wait would ensure your pregnancy hormones rise enough.so that you eat a string positive result.wish you all the best.
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Question: Hello I had an intercourse on 7,8,9,13 and 17th day of my cycle My period started on 1st jan and ended on 6th jan My due date is 29th jan but i missed my period and its been three days since i missed it Is there a chance of pregnancy and when is the best time to go to the doctor
Answer: Wait dear, as you wrote your last period came on 1st January, it means you need to wait atleast till 3rd February . If you missed your period, then check yourself through home pregency kit. If you find two pink lines it means you are pregnant.
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Question: Could i be pregnant now after 21days intercourse.. Becoz i missed my period by 6 days
Answer: U can test tomorrow
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