34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello dr.. m 34 weeks pregnant. In my ultrasound my cervix seems to be closed. So is there any chance for normal delivery. Because I don't want csearion.. plz help

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Answer: You're still almost a month or more away from your due date dear...so there's still time for your cervix to dilate..so please be patient dear...and let it happen naturally..
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Question: I m 39 weeks n 4 days pregnant... Cervix mouth closed not even a finger of dr can be inserted... Wat to do for healthy n normal delivery
Answer: Walk and do pelvic exercises butterfly, half squat etc. Sit on floor as it's said that gravity helps in bring the baby down and hence preparing body for the next required stage. Once 1finger can go in slowly start climbing stairs. Be slow and gradually increase the pace of any form of exercise. For delivery practice deep breathing.
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Question: Hello dr.. M 34 weeks pregnant and my last sonography shows that baby position is transverse with placenta previa..so is there will be any complication during delivery..
Answer: If you are having a Placenta previa then there is no chance that you're doctor will not for normal delivery because your Placenta can't be delivered before your baby it is very harmful for your baby. And also since your babies transverse opting for c-section delivery is is better
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Question: hi.. please help. OS closed in Ultra sound done at 38weeks.is there any chance for normal delivery
Answer: Nothing to worry. If baby is in cepahalic position the cervix will dailate and open for normal delivery or the doctor will induce pain for delivery
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