31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello dr...i m 30 week pregnant .. Before 15 days i got to know that i m suffering from hyperthyroid.. I m in third trimester ... My thyroid level is 4.2... Dr recommends me thyronom 25 mcg... I just want to know that my baby will be ok? what is the effect of hyperthyroid on baby in the bomb... Thyroid affected baby's brain?

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Answer: Don't worry dear. It's normal suffering from hyperthyroid during pregnancy. I was also suffered from dat. My baby is super active n super fine. No problem at all. Ur baby will be ok. Just take care. Take 💊 properly.
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Question: Hi!! i hv thyroid problem before pregnency and i m taking 100 mcg thyronorm tablet is it safe?? my thyroid level is 2.9 in 8th week report.
Answer: Hi dear during pregnancy no medication can be safe for baby. But increased level of TSH is more unsafe then taking thyronorm medicine. During pregnancy thyroid hormone plays an important role in development of babies increased level of TSH decreases production of thyroid hormones that may badly affect your baby's growth. You need to take medicines as prescribed by doctor. Don't eat cruciferous vegetables like cabbage cauliflower Broccoli and spinach it also increases thyroid level. hope this will help you.
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Question: I was having thyroid level 5.4 in the beginning of pregnancy. Then i was taking 25 mcg tablet. I got checked my level again at 27th week now it is 2.4. Should i continue to take 25 mcg tablet?
Answer: yes, you must continue the same tablets. I am also having same situation my doctor advised to continue the same tablets till my delivery.
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Question: Thyroid will affect my baby growth...my thyroid level is 4.29 i am in first trimester,i am taking thyronom 12.5 mcg tablet
Answer: thyroid level is not too high and the dosage is also very basic so don't worry you make you get your thyroid levels in control ..in repetitive test after 3 months you make recheck your thyroid levels and increase or decrease your dosage accordingly... as your thyroid values are slightly about the thyroid range for pregnancy you may have to take the medicine in early morning everyday without fail ...thyroid hormones play a very important role in the brain development of a baby . since you are diagnosed and you are on medicines it won't affect the growth of the baby in any way ...do take the medicines everyday without fail and your thyroid values may come to range in the further test ..avoid eating cabbage cauliflower Broccoli and Soya when you have thyroid.. do walking for 20 minutes everyday avoid junk foods ..even i had thyroid and delivered healthy baby.. taking medicine everyday is important
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