31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello dr...i m 30 week pregnant .. Before 15 days i got to know that i m suffering from hyperthyroid.. I m in third trimester ... My thyroid level is 4.2... Dr recommends me thyronom 25 mcg... I just want to know that my baby will be ok? what is the effect of hyperthyroid on baby in the bomb... Thyroid affected baby's brain?

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Answer: Don't worry dear. It's normal suffering from hyperthyroid during pregnancy. I was also suffered from dat. My baby is super active n super fine. No problem at all. Ur baby will be ok. Just take care. Take 💊 properly.
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Question: M 30 weeks pregnant n my thyroid level is 4.6 n my doctor suggest me to take medicine of 25 mg thyronom..n she says that for pregnant this level is high for baby's brain development n n taking medicine since 4 month ago..is it harmful or not for my baby n should I continue this medicine after delivery?
Answer: That is not harmful to the baby ...don't worry .You can continue till delivery and after 12 wks of post delivery check thyroids levels agains of it comes to normal you can discontinue the medication.
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Question: I m 15 week pregnant. My tsh level is tsh level is 5.83.i was not having thyroid before. My dr suggested to take medicine. It will effect my childs brain development.? Kindly suggest i am worried
Answer: Hi dear, TSH levels usually increases in pregnancy as the requirement rises.5.8 is borderline high for non pregnant ladies,while it should be around 3 or less for pregnant ladies.its better to take medication now itself as it keeps rising as the pregnancy progresses.donot worry since you started the treatment ,your baby won't have any issue.
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Question: Hi i have done blood test in fourth month of pregnancy and found out that my tsh is 7.5 which is very high than normal then i consult with the dr and he advised me to take 50 mcg tablet and he also said that the tablet should be taken from the first trimester as the development of brain of fetus was done in first trimester. Now i am worried about the IQ level and brain development of my child. Is any effect of my thyroid on my unborn child as i start taking thyroid tablets in second trimester.
Answer: Avoid eating radish cauliflower and cabbage it's increase the level of thyroid..
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