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Question: Hello dr. My period date was 5th of feb. Bt since 28th feb i had very thin light brawnish discharge in d morning. Previously i thought its a periods. Bt eventually Nashua n dizziness started. Yesterday my pregnancy test cames positive. Bt brown discharge s still der. Is it normal?

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Answer: Dear, continue brown discharge is not a good sign, so better to consult a good gynoclosit, she Will advise you better, and your required medicine start on time.
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Question: Hi, i had my c-section on 3rd june then i had bleeding for 1 week after that every 3 to 4 days some light red colour discharge was there then after one month white discharge started and now from yesterday again bleeding started so it is my periods started or again it is postpartum bleeding
Answer: Hi dear, Generally, it takes atleast 6 weeks for the bleeding to stop, it can be your postpartum bleeding as you had light bleeding before. If you are feeding your baby well you can't get periods so soon, however notify your doctor once.
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Question: Hi my lmp is feb 28th.. From last 5 days I feel dizziness, back pain, legs pain, nausea.. Yesterday night 30tg March i seen thick gel type white discharge with brown colour from my vagina.. Today morning again brown discharge.. Is it periods or symptoms of pregnancy.. I can't understand what's happening to me.. Pls answer to my question..
Answer: Hi dear , its almost one month over so now you can check through urine pregnancy test ,. If it's negative wait some more time and do again. If you get periods then try again next month hope this helps you
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Question: My periods date s on 29 June but my pregnancy test was positive becoz I was having brown discharge so I had done test it's positive do I need to consult doctor or after my periods date
Answer: Hi You can repeat the test again, if it is positive again you can consult your doctor further and get folic acid supplements and 1st dose of TT.
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