23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello, does cleaning the toilet and bathroom with sanitizing liquids such as harpic harms the baby? I was not feeling any discomfort during the cleaning process, only thing was just I hated the smell. I took lemon juice after cleaning to push away the toxins..

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Answer: Its better to avoid as harmful toxins smell can also affect baby inside.. Don't take risks simply avoid ask someone else to do it. And if u do it then have bath soon after u clean.
Answer: Hello! No it doesnt harm the baby. Yes, it might be a problem for you to take the smell, otherwise it is fine. Take care
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Question: I just found out Im pregnant. I go to work by bus and the journey takes one hour. should I take leave this early?the only discomfort im feeling is a backache but it goes away once I rest.
Answer: It's better you don't strain yourself much Because the first trimester is very important and we need to be careful
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Question: blessed with a baby boy on 25th december..... my baby weight was 2.3 kg only.. I had thyroid, 1st report was 19.85 and after 3 months it was 13.63 (I was taking Eltroxin 50) . after the last report dr. suggested me to take the medicine (Eltroxin) 75 instead of 50. I just want to know does thyroid affect on baby weight? Because I gained total 11 KG weight during pregnancy. Why the baby weight was only 2.3Kg during birth (C section on 38 week) .
Answer: Hypothyroidism in pregnancy is the condition of less production and secretion of thyroid hormones (t3 and t4). This imbalance in hormone secretion slows down body metabolism and cause many health problems. Thyroid can cause several serious effects like hair fall, skin problems (dry skin), weight gain, irregular periods, mood swings etc. Especially, thyroid during pregnancy affects both baby and the mother and also effect baby's development.
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Question: HI.. My baby just passed hard and dry stool as hard as stone.. And it was blood tinged... She was crying so much... I hd given prune juice and just after sometime she passed hard stools... Should I take her to the doctor yet away... I mean it's far from our place...She struggled a lot passing it... Will it be harmful
Answer: Please give the baby lots of water, juices and fruits. It will reduce constipation. Give baby Bonisan tonic also. It's good for constipation
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