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Question: Hello doctor my last period day was on Feb 8 2019 my menstrual day is 25 days today is my period day but not yet started is that any problem

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Answer: Hello dear. If you have missed your period it could be due to pregnancy but it is suggested to take the test after 7 days of missing periods. So wait for another 6 days and take the test in morning with first urine to get accurate results. Hope it helps.
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    sampangi sam837 days ago


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Question: Hello... My last period was on 29th jan till 2nd feb ...and today i did ovulation test which was negative.... Hasnt my fertile period started yet?
Answer: Ovulation happens usually between 14-21st day of ur cycle. For majority of women it is 14th day. As per dates mentioned above u r 12th day of ur cycle.. Most fertile period s from 10-21st day. Number of times u have intercourse during this time frame, increases ur chance of getting pregnant..
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Question: First day of My last period was feb 5t but this month my period will not started am i pregnant
Answer: Dear you missed your period by 3 days so chances are high that its because of pregnancy. So to confirm do a home pregnancy test and use only first midstream urine of the day for accurate results. All the best.
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Question: Which is my first day of pragnancy if my last period was started on 3 feb.
Answer: Dear pregnancy is counted from 1st day of your last day. So the first day of your pregnancy is 3rd February..
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