2 months old baby

Question: Hello doctor my breastfed baby haven't passed stool from 3 days ND crying a lot while trying to poop please help me to make her poop

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Answer: Please keep little asafoetida in 2 drops of water & keep in babies Bally...
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Question: Hi, my baby girl is crying a lot while passing urine. From passed 2weeks. Please help me
Answer: The Rashes on the Genital Part of Babies may got Worst that's why Your baby is crying too much. Don't take it lightly. Apply Coconut oil on the Vaginal Area of your baby Or you can use "BactaFuzz" cream and "Nivea (blue)" cream in same quantity and apply it on your baby's genital part. Wheneved you change Diaper, Clean Your baby's skin with wet wipes and Apply these creams or coconut oil.
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Question: My baby is crying a lot while pOOPing but she can't poop. What to do. PlEase reply urgent !! Since morning she is trying to poop and crying a lot. But can't able to poop
Answer: Please give warm water regularly to avoid constipation..you can give orange juice ( pure filtered) with little warm water or boiled water of dry grapes.. these will help in pooping. In olden days my mom used to sit baby in legs like Indian toilet position to get the poop out
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Question: My baby passed hard stool yesterday and he was crying while pooping he has passed poop after 2 days
Answer: As they grow baby stool slowly starts becoming hard no worries Give a gentle massage on your baby tummy with warm oil in circular direction Help your baby in doing cycling exercise Try these frequently which may help in easy bowel movement of baby
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