13 months old baby

Question: Hello doctor, my baby is of 1 yr old. She has only fever nothing else. And head and upper part is hot . Especially head will be too hot but legs normal temperature. What can be the cause and remedy. She weighs 11.1 kg n birth weight is 3.7kg. I shown to doctor, he told ear infection but she never pulls her ear n no irritation there n i am not satisfied with his diagnosis. Please help me. She has only fever nothing else. Paracetamol oral suspension i tried. After some 4-5 hrs fever comes back. Doctor gave combiflaim and two more medicines...

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Answer: hi dear! fever is not an illness its just a sign that your baby's immune system is fighting off the infection dear. we might need to do some test . if the doctor says its ear infection then just to be sure you can see an ent just to be sure there is no infection. and also if there is infection there can be fever to the baby has to be examined to make a diagnosis dear. like the abdomen has to be seen the chest has to be heard and i hope you are giving the vaccines on time. the fever can be due to low also try considering visiting another pediatrician dear. take care.
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Question: hello moms my daughter is 8 months old.she is suffering from fever cold n cough from last 3-4 days.and she is taking only my feed....and nothing else....what should I do.....and are these the symptoms of teething?
Answer: Hi dear, As climate is in transition phase these days so its common to get cold. Try to keep your baby covered specially in morning and evening. Make sure your baby is not allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned.. for home remedies for cold heat mustard oil till smoking point then add 1 tsp of salt apply this luke warm along with salt on chest back palms and foot of your baby and make him sleep and cover him. For running nose use saline water drops and use humidifier near by when he was sleeping it will loosen the cough. Make your baby sleep on pillow bit upright it will help him to sleep without interruption. Get well soon baby. You can also start introducing pureed food.
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Question: My wife is 33 weeks pregnant, since yesterday she was suffering from fever n test result shows dengue g positive. Under diagnosis doctor gives paracetamol to lower the fever. Gynaecologist suggested to stop all vitamins calcium tablets. Worried about wife and baby. How to prevent baby from such high fever and dangue virus? Juice of Papaya leaves is very useful to fight against dengue as per internet. can it be taken during pregnancy?
Answer: Just relax and take good care of wife (I am sure you are doing that nicely).Just do whatever doctor suggests ,don't believe on remedies suggested on internet as this is a very critical phase and we can't believe every random remedy on net.As a woman i ll suggest you please be with your wife and give her as much time as you can.
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Question: Fever in 3 months is good or bad from Saturday night my baby has fever only her in head still is hot i m giving her fever medicine every 6hours and she also had cough what to do
Answer: Hi dear when you say that your baby is having fever for the last 3 days but the fever is only on head I would suggest you to check the fever on thermometer if the reading is more than 99.5 please offer medicine to your baby if it is less than 99.5 there is no need to do anything .. Hope this helps!
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