7 months old baby

Question: Hello doctor, my baby has completed 6 months, i started giving him ragi ganji in morning and cerelac in the evening. Initailly he used to pass motion in alternative days but from one week he is passing motion 5-6 times a day. I have been consulted doctor also, but still no use, so could you please tell me is there problem

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Question: My baby is complete 6 months I give him to ragi malt only 5 spoon next day he has motion doctor give sporlac I give to baby still not controlling motion what to do I stop giving ragi malt?
Answer: Dear actually Ragi is completely new food for baby's digestion and whenever you start new food for baby it can cause Loose Motion because baby's digestion needs time to adjust with the change . So don't worry don't give anything to eat to baby till his loose motions are fine except breast milk or formula milk. and after that start with liquid diet first like rice water, dal water and then gradually start some semi solid food. Also give only 4-5 spoons and then gradually increase the quantity also..
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Question: my baby now 7 months old we feed him frest milk and ragi sari at 2 times morning and evening but when he going motion he crying please tell me what can i do....
Answer: Hello friend don't feed raagi sari 2times its enough to give 1time because it is very hot to body that's why he is crying at the time of motion. and mix jaggery not sugar to raagi. jaggery will gives iron.
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Question: Hi...I have started giving fruit puree, cerelac,daal soup in around 5 and half months to my baby...after that he is not passing motion regularly..as earlier since birth he used to pass motion 2 or 3 times a day...but now once he passed motion after 20 days after giving glycerine.. he is active and shows no signs of being constipated. Then wats the reason...pls reply...is his digestion is affected
Answer: Ohh u should consult with your paediatrician first it's not good for passing motion 20 days timing
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