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Question: Hello doctor my age is 24+ my weight is 85kg & hight 5'0.i m a pcod patients.i almost cnslt a gyano and under chekup i have one qustn.i will try to conceive bt 1st 6 month i hav a diet for a held by plz suggest me a full day diet plan.& which food must add my diet and which is cut the diet...plz auggest me...

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Question: Diet chart for my baby.he is a day care member so i need full day diet plan
Answer: Hi, babies at this age can be give three meals a day along with formula or breast milk.. Giving you a sample diet chart, hopefully it will help. Monday : BM/ Formula Breakfast -Apple Suji Kheer BM/ Formula Lunch -Mashed Khichdi with veggies BM/ Formula Dinner -Roti soaked in dal BM/ Formula Tuesday BM/ Formula Breakfast -Stewed Fruits BM/ Formula Lunch -Idlis soaked in dal BM/ Formula Dinner Bottle gourd sabji with rice BM/ Formula Wednesday BM/ Formula Breakfast- Suji Halwa BM/ Formula Lunch -Beetroot and Carrot mash BM/ Formula Dinner -Fresh mashed paneer BM/ Formula Thursday BM/ Formula Breakfast -Rice cereal with stewed apple BM/ Formula Lunch -Mixed veg soup and mashed rice BM/ Formula Dinner -Suji Upma with veggies BM/ Formula Friday BM/ Formula Breakfast -Banana smoothie BM/ Formula Lunch -Plain Curd rice BM/ Formula Dinner -Khichdi mashed BM/ Formula Saturday BM/ Formula Breakfast -Atta Halwa BM/ Formula Lunch -Pumpkin and carrot Mash BM/ Formula Lunch Idli soaked in vegetable soup BM/ Formula Sunday BM/ Formula Breakfast -Ragi Porridge BM/ Formula Lunch -Homemade Curd rice BM/ Formula Dinner -Lentil soup BM/ Formula
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Question: i hv mild pcod n wants to reduce my weight.. pls suggest me diet n exercise which is safe whle tryng to conceive.
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. Pcod is also called pcos means poly cystic ovarian syndrome. This causes hormone imbalance. This makes production of male hormones more giving facial hair and causes imbalance to periods and troubles to conceiving. There are some measures you should take if you are detected with pcod. Never cross weight limit according to your height and age. Exercise regularly, at least four times a week. You can start aerobics or gym or Zimbabwe dance. You will see results soon. Avoid spicy, oily food. Your diet should be balanced. You need milk for calcium. You need fruits, vegetables, leafy vegetables, egg etc. Still if you don't find difference contact doctor. Take care
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Question: I m suffering vaginal infection fom almost one year,i hav done many medication under gynic.but recently I conceived,my infection is still there any home remedies to cure it completely during pregnancy??plz plz answer
Answer: Hi,during pregnancy you need to be very careful because there are more chances if getting vaginal infection You need to maintain a good hygeine You should wear only cotton ugs You should keep it dry by wiping always from front to back postition You shoulf also have adequate water This should help You can also use vaginal wash
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