4 months old baby

Question: Hello doctor My baby is preterm at 27.4 weeks It was a Normal delivery but legs of baby came out first and his head stucked but some time later he delivered due to this he had bleed in his brain of grade 1 and grade 2 After this he is now suffering from hydrocephalus Vp shunt surgery also done but his temporal horns are still dilated what should be the next step

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Answer: hi dear! i can understand your situation dear. as the hydrocephalus develops the temporal and the frontal lobes dilate first . so if the temporal horns are still dilated , it can be that the fluid is still inside dear. so best advise is to visit your doctor dear as a scan will be done to see if everything is fine inside dear. dont worry your baby will be fine dear. take care.
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Question: My baby birth weight was 2.78kg but he had CDH so underwent surgery, was hospitalised for a month and after that he came home but weight is not increasing adequately.. now his weight is 5.2 please guide me how to increase his weight? And very frequently he falls ill due to lack of immunity.. how to improve his immunity power?
Answer: Hi dear I can understand your situation you have been so strong from the beginning. Say now that your baby has recovered the weight gain will be slowly you have to accept the fact that you cannot compare your baby with other babies in terms of weight gain. Nacho baby move on by its own pace and don't feel sad or disheartened at all. I hope your baby has started solids see what you should understand what is best for your baby firstly as much as you can avoid formula milk give breast milk which is most healthy for the baby. There is no point of giving market made cerelac you can cook very good food for a baby at home. You can go give all sorts of fruits and vegetables gross them steam them roast them in which way. Apart from that ragi daliya suji rice a very good serials to give to your baby ragi has a lot of iron. You simply have to roast 2 spoons of ragi add some water you can add Apple syrup for dates syrup for flavouring some ghee and it is good to serve and prepare within 5 to 10 minutes. I used to add several vegetables and fruits in the cooking like I used to make suji and add some pears or Apple pieces in it or beetroot even. the baby does not necessarily need mashed food you can give little pieces that a chewable. Curd is very good for your baby. You can grate nuts also they are healthy. Some water should be given after a meal two mens in a day are fine for a 7 months old if he is able to take. Give your baby baby a good massage and all the supplements required. Hope this helps
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Question: Today my baby eat coconut chutney and some bites of idly bites 2spoon of curd at dinner around 8:30pm But he vomit it out all at around 10pm and empty out all of his stomach. What I did wrong why he vomit ?is he OK? I am worried because he generally don't vomit like this. What should I give that sooth him
Answer: Curd and idli is wrong combination as both are sour and due to which he might have vomited or may be he is unable to digest it give feeding him well, give pomegranate juice helps to stop vomiting and maintain energy don't worry he will be fine
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Question: My child is 13 months almost now and he suddenly started sucking his lower lip... Actually i stopped breastfeeding now since 15 days but he did not do this for first week but later he started. Now what can i do to stop him doing that. M worried he dont make it a habit of years..
Answer: And he is doing it full time...
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