33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello doctor.. I have wrist pain since 5-7 days it increases while I am sleeping what is dis and could be the precautions to avoid this pain

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Question: I am feeling pain in my left wrist and it intensifies while sleeping at night and waking up in the morning. What must be the reason?
Answer: Don't worry... It's normal. Ice your wrist or soak it in an ice bath for 10 minutes to 15 minutes once or twice an hour.Relieve nighttime pain by gently shaking your hand and wrist or hanging your hand over the side of the bed.Immerse your hand in warm water with a temperature between 92 and 100 degrees and gently move or flex your hand and wrist. Do this three to four times a day.
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Question: I have pain in my legs since 5- 6 days .. what could be done
Answer: Dear almond oil massage will help, also try dipping your legs in the Luke warm water with little salt added in it..for atleast 15 minutes before going to bed..it should help..🙂
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Question: Since two days i have pain in my hands(palm area) what could be the reasons?
Answer: Hi, don't worry it could be joint pains or muscles pain Do oil massage Do something exercises This should help
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