21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello doctor I have piles. Will these create any problem during normal delivery.

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Answer: Hi not yet all. This doent matter for delivery. But dont get overheat that piles will get effect . Try to take non spicy food and mild itens
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Question: Hello...i have piles problem...i didnt tell my doctor...is there any problem during delivery or running pregnancy...please help doctor
Answer: Hello, Dear piles happen because of constipation but it's very important to consult it with your doctor because sometimes piles can get severe during pregnancy or in otherwise also and it can cause you some blood loss. it's very important to get it treated on time. You must Include adequate amounts of fiber in your diet by eating lots of fruits and vegetables.Drink plenty of fluids. Include physical activity in your daily routine Please consult with your doctor and get it treated.
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Question: Hii. Actually i hv piles. Will these create any problem.
Answer: HI, piles or hemorrhoids during pregnancy is a common problem. they most often appear during 3rd trimester. piles usually resolves after giving birth to baby. to relieve pain you can soak in warm water,avoid sitting for long periods and apply a hemorrhoid cream advised by your doctor.
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Question: Hello ,will threading and waxing create any problem during pregnancy?
Answer: During pregnancy our skin becomes very sensitive and so waxing and threading can it is a lot and lead to rashesh so best is to avoid them
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