5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello doc my4.1 week bhcg is 147 an after 4.4 week bhcg is 587.. gap between is 72 hrs that means i have twince or not...plz reply

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Question: Can there is anyway to know that wheather i have conceived or not having sex after fertile days but before missing of period,plz reply?
Answer: Hello Get an ovulation strip so u get to know ur ovolation days. u ll know ur best chance to keep trying . Eat butter fruit or avocado as it helps in conception. Stay well hydrated exercise well so u ll get good endorphin levels wch will keep u and ur body happy. Stay positive and happy so u ll see good results soon.
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Question: Hello mam actually i done my bhcg is 147mlU on 4week n doc again after 3 day told me to do reapeat bhcg i littele bit scare plz help me...
Answer: Hi dear dont worry it is done to make sure if the hcg level is increasing or not. If not then dont worry . Doctor may give medicine to keep ur pregnancy safe.there is nothing to worry at all dear
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Question: Hello doc plz reply...my a.fluid is 18.4 im 25 week pregnant doc told me not to take sugar i have confusion that i have to stop eating fruits also....plz reply dr sumaiya
Answer: Hello dear, your amniotic fluid is on borderline. You must avoid sugar and sweet food. But don't avoid fruits, it contains natural sweatness which won't harm. For more safety you can take in limit more sweet fruits like banana.
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