4 months old baby

Question: Hello, can I start having a cup of green tea per day to loose my pregnancy weight, is thr any side effects on my baby as i am breastfeeding.

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Question: Hi can I drink a cup/ 2 cups of tea per day..is there any side effects ??
Answer: You can have upto 2cups a day. There is no problem but try to give less tea leaves.
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Question: Can i drink only a cup of tulsi drink tea per day as iam also giving breastmilk to my baby. Is green tea cause any harm to him?
Answer: Hi.. Dear you can have tulsi tea or green tea once in a day.. It is harmless if consumed in moderate quantity.. If you will have excess of it, it will be a problem in milk production, because it has caffeine it..
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Question: Hi can I drink a cup /2 cups of tea per day..any side effects please suggest??
Answer: U can have Tea in pregnancy. There is no harm in having it but have in moderation because it contains caffeine which can be harmful to baby.
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