7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello beauties.. I am little tensed bcoz of I got shivering in the early morning while sleeping just for 5 mins.. is it normal or do I have any issue? It happend like twice in this..once in 5th week and now..please help me.

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Question: Today morning i had cramp in calf muscle..it is never happend before..does it indicate dehydration?? Please help me..
Answer: During the functions of parathyroid gland, this cause the deficiency of calcium leading to muscles cramp, Include more calcium in your diet like milk paneer cheese curd Drink more water And regularly take sun bath in morning for 15 minutes this will definitely improve the condition
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Question: its my 14 week n today early morning i got a lil blood in my vomit y was it happend?
Answer: Hello This is very normal. It happened to me as well. Due to the pressure put on the food pipe because of vomiting it tends of crack. Hence the vomit in ur blood. Little bit of blood is ok. If ur seeing so much meet ur doctor.
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Question: I have vomiting early morning colour is just like egg yolk is it normal i m 5 months pregnant tell me please is it normal
Answer: The yellow color liquid is called bile which is produced by liver. It usually gets released if you are vomiting on empty stomach. Don't worry.
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