8 months old baby

Question: Hello baby ko ab earings pehna sakte he kya???

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Question: Hello! Meri baby 7 days ki hai kya mai use rat ko diaper pehna sakti hu?
Answer: Yes there is no issue. In fact using diaper at night will make your baby sleep better. There are few steps wch you need to follow while changing diaper. 1) Change baby's diaper at every 3 to 4 hours and change immediately if he has pooped. 2) After removing the diaper, clean the area with mix of water, baby wash and coconut oil. Using cotton and gently clean the area. Pat dry using a towel. 3) Apply coconut oil/olive oil/baby lotion on the diaper area. Massage till the oil/lotion is completely absorbed. 4) let baby be diaper free for 10-15mins before putting on fresh diaper. 5)After putting on diaper run your fingers along the sides of diaper this will ensure that the diaper trims are not bothering the baby. As of now don't make your baby wear diaper till the rashes are there. Keep baby’s bottom clean and apply himalayan diaper rash cream or lukewarm coconut oil on rash affected area. It will taken 2 3 days to heal. take care.
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Question: hamara baby boy 5 days ka hua h..kya usko huggies pehna sakte h raat ko??
Answer: Hi.. It is perfectly fine to use diapers at night, to avoid any kind of itching, you can apply little bit of coconut oil, before making him wear diaper. You can also, go for washable water proof cloth diapers (easily available in any kids store or you can shop online as well).
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Question: Baby ko diper kab se pehna sakte hai ????
Answer: Hi. You can start to putting on diaper by day one. What you need to do is to maintain proper hygien. So keep check1 babies diaper time to time.
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