29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello am 6months 21days 2nd pregnancy in 6 month scan report fetal breech presentation.what it means it's any problem

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Answer: hello dear, breech presentation means fetal head towards your chest facing your backbone . in this presentation normal delivery is not possible. but as you are in your 29 weeks there is time does baby changes its position by itself. don't worry everything is fine.
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Question: Hi , i am 5 week pregnant then first scan was done in report fetal cardiax activity is not appreciated means any problem ?
Answer: Hi dear, Congratulations on your pregnancy! There is nothing to worry.since you were too early for the scan,cardiac activity was not developed or detected for your baby.you can visit your doctor again on 7-8 th week for viability scan and I am sure by then your baby heart beat would have been detected.
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Question: "bilateral fetal renal pelvis dilatation"remark in anomaly scan report what it means?is it normal?
Answer: Renal pelvis dilatation (or hydronephrosis) is a widening of the renal pelvis and is a common finding on ultrasound scans (USS) performed during pregnancy. Often it is temporary and not associated with any problems in the kidney or ureter. ...
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Question: Am 34th week pregnancy in scan report have baby in breech position any solutions for rotation soon
Answer: Climb up stairs do walking.. even for me baby was in breech by last week of pregnancy he turned to cephalic.. 4 out of 1 case has possibility of rotation..
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